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Conditions in the United States and other Western nations are changing rapidly. The 2012 US Election was a wake up call for many Americans. Greece is imploding, protestors are in the streets of Spain. Can Italy be far behind? France?

What to do? Where to go?

FleeAmerica is where you get the information you need to develop your exit strategy, be it for a scouting trip to check out a location of interest or for long term relocation planning.

Two locations worthy of  your investigation currently are Matagalpa, Nicaragua and Batangas in the Philippines.

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Location Reps can be paid for their content through sponsored content, aka promoted content and contextual links.  You could write for us and be a part of our growth and earn income. See Become a Location Representative.

FleeAmerica consists of two main aspects - international Travel - and international Property - with Investments to follow as soon as feasible. We provide information related to all aspects of traveling abroad - what destinations to choose, how to get there and what to see and do once there, with an emphasis on living, working, retiring or investing overseas.

The brother [or sister for you ladies] of Travel is Property. Where to buy overseas property, why that location and not some other; how to buy overseas property and all the vital information you need before and during your purchase; pitfalls to avoid, with trained professionals available to assist you in your endeavors and much, much more.

Along with travel and property related content, FleeAmerica will provide options for working overseas - from starting your own international business in a foreign land, be it as a portable professional, a business owner, online mentor or English teacher, we will bring you the information you need to make decisions affecting your future.

We will also be offering what we believe will be a unique aspect of FleeAmerica - Location Representatives. These Loc Reps will live in or be quite familiar with the location they represent. Location Reps have the opportunity to build an online portable profession right here within the pages of FleeAmerica.

As our Location Representatives build their own content related to their respective locations, - and get paid for doing so - together we - the Location Representatives and FleeAmerica - will be developing a content rich site that provides accurate, timely and relative content that you, the visitor, can use to make decisions for your Travel, Property or overseas Investments ideas.

The Adminstrators of FleeAmerica have over 25 years of experience in construction and real estate development and an over 30 years background in economics. We have also lived in five different countries, on three different continents and have traveled extensively in over two dozen countries. It is with this background, experience, knowledge and - perhaps most important - insight combining these various aspects together - we bring you

As soon as possible, we will be launching our Forum, where you, our Guests and Members, can discuss topics of interest with our Location Representatives and each other, asking and providing answers to any questions you may have.

We are very excited about the future of !

Again, welcome and check back often or better yet, become a Member and or a part of FleeAmerica by applying to become a Location Representative for your area.

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